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 Updated: November 15, 2000
with the APG History.

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For the last seventeen years I have been employed by APG Security, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. The last position I held was Vice President of Finance. On August 2, 2000, APG Security was sold to Pinkerton. Pinkerton is headquartered in Westlake Village, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Securitas. Securitas is headquartered in Sweden. I continued to work during the transition from August through October. On October 27, 2000 my employment ended. I will be taking a sabbatical from work for a couple of months and will begin my search for new employment.

APG Security was a family with a forty year history beginning in 1960. For seventeen years, the people of APG have been my extended family. With all families there are ups and downs, a beginning, growth, and the end. If you looked carefully, you could see the end coming. I was not surprised. It was disappointing and now my extended family has become scattered.

This history and pictures are really about the people of APG. With the assistance of Charles Curtwright and Tony Pisani, I have been able to bring together over thirty pictures of employees that span several years of APG history. This has become my APG family photo album. I hope that you enjoy it as I have in putting it together.

APG Security held several meetings that involved management staff from around the western United States. These were commonly refered as Area Managers meetings. Photos have been collected for the meetings that were held in the Denver Tech Center (DTC), San Diego, and Denver. I also have groupings for the Denver branch and corporate finance staff.

The pictures have been broken out by these categories to facilitate loading in your web browser. Each page contains several pictures and may take one or two minutes to load.

If you were part of the APG family, please feel free to stay in touch. My email address can be accessed at the top of the page.


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